A turn based survival game created for Weekly Game Jam 160
Theme : Nothing Stays Forever

You are the governor of the last human colony in the Solar System. Unfortunately the sun is dying and with it the whole Solar System. By your calculations you have around 500 days to build a spaceship large enough to carry your people to the nearest star system.


Space - Process to next day
Q - Return to Main Menu
Use onscreen buttons for choosing how to respond to events.


Vasilis Chonianakis - Code, Design
SomeFarang- Graphics
Leaf Let - Music, Sounds

Game Soundtrack:

PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorsVasilis Chonianakis, SomeFarang, Leaf Let
GenreSurvival, Simulation
Made withGodot
TagsManagement, Pixel Art, Singleplayer, Space, Turn-based
Average sessionA few minutes


DyingStar_1.0_win64.zip 29 MB
DyingStar_1.0_linux.tar.gz 30 MB

Development log


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Niiiice little game! I left the solar system after 263 days and had a lot of fun gathering resources! :-)

Thank you!

That was really nice ! I kinda played this game for about an hour, trying to finish in the least possible days. Got 151, got 142, and then here is my best !

Thanks! Nice "score" (days act as unofficial score after all). In most gameplays the usual score was around 200-250!

Very nice! Well made and great aesthetic. Is there an explanation of the game mechanics or resources? Still not entirely sure what technology does. Is it only used for events?

Glad you like it! Fuel and food resources are pretty self explanatory so I will focus on the other 2 resources.
In the original design technology  was used to unlock the different stages of building the spaceship, something that probably will be added in a post jam update since it required additional time to implement, time not available during the jam. So in the jam version technology is only for events but is important since it is needed for example in the raiders events that can easily cripple you progress if you draw too many of them early.
Happiness is used very little since it was originaly designed to allow assigning additional workers to a building. workers after the first will have costed hapiness. Also most of the events using it were cut due to time...

Ah yes, I see. Those extra mechanics sound great! Well thought out. If you decide to update post jam I hope the extra events make the cut.


Definitely there will be a post jam update adding at least the technology and the spaceship building stages + a lot of small fixes especially to some text like intro, outtro, tutorials that were added late in the development

Wow, this could be expanded into so many different directions! Good job!

Thanks! Including a sequel ;-) So many ideas!

Oh wow- that was pretty epic :) Nice idea and beautiful execution.

Thank you!
Have you managed to save humanity? If yes in how many days?

I managed to get all the fuel and spaceship parts in ~250 days; although I got a “The End?” with a question mark, so maybe there’s more to discover!


This is the end of the jam version! The End? refer to a possible sequel where you find what happened to the colonists after the left the Solar System!