A turn based rpg with dice based combat created for Godot Wild Jam 27 (Theme : Books)

It has been 5 years since you found the Book of Power. Since then you have been searching for its sibling. Only with both of them combined you could unlock their full power.
Finally you have found the resting place of the second Book!


W,A,S,D or Arrow Keys - Move player when no enemy are present
F - fully heal (up to 3 times). Your Book of Power can only heal you up to 3 times so it's not unlimited heal and only if you are damaged (you get different response in each case!).
SPACE - Close message popups Also see combat info below for additional controls for the dice based combat!

Combat info:

Combat take place in 3 phases:
Roll phase
Here you try to get the die values needed to activate your attacks in the next phase (See action phase for values needed).
You can reroll using the 2nd from the right button. Between rerolls you can lock-unlock dices by clicking on them.
You can skip to next phase using the 1st from the right button.
Action Phase:
Here you select the die values needed for an attack action, select the action and if that action need a target (1st and 3st action need one) click on the enemy.
After you can't do anymore attacks use the 1st from the right button to move to next phase (If you have defeated all enemies combat end combat ends instead).
Basic Attack: two 6 needed, attack 1 enemy for 1 damage. Can be used multiple times provided you rolled the necessary die values.
Whirlwind: three 4 needed, deal 1 damage to all enemies.
Cripling Strike: 1,2,3,4 needed, deal 3 damage to 1 enemy.
Enemy Phase
Each enemy try to attack you doing damage or missing and some of them activating special abilities [like the vampiric heal of the vampire]
After all enemies have attacked the game return to Roll phase for another round.


Vasilis Chonianakis - Code, Design
Burnt Robot - Graphics
Christos Douris - Music, Sounds

Game Soundtrack:


BooksOfPower_1.0_win64.zip 14 MB

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