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You can still remember the screams of your friends as they died in the claws of those giant ants! Afterward all you can remember is running for your life. As you try to catch your breath you find yourself lost.

You won't die alone in this dark forest. You must survive! You must escape!

Hunted! is a dice based survival game where you have to survive long enough to reach safety while hunted by giant ants.

Each turn you "roll" 5 dices containing ant, knife, runner faces.

In the first roll of each turn any ant face are locked (red border around the dice) and cannot be unlocked!
Any other face can be locked and unlocked without any constraints.
You can reroll (up to 4 additional times) any unlocked dices for better results using the 'Reroll' button.
When you finish rolling (or you cannot anymore) press 'Go!' button to end your turn and process the dice results.

Each runner faces move the player 1 times.
Each ant face 1 damage to player.
Each knife face block 1 damage from 1 ant face.

When the player arrives at location 10, 20 he rest at the building and regain 3 health. Also no damage from ant faces is applied since he is protected inside the building!

When player arrives at location 16 he rest at the clearing and regain 1 health. Also only up to 2 ant faces are applied when dealing damage,

When distance meter is 0 you have arrived to safety and won the game.


R: Reroll dices (if there are available rerolls)
Space: Skip current shown text

The same actions can be performed by clicking with the left button on the available buttons on screen.

Hunted v1.0 Web

The game currently has only been tested with Google Chrome and Microsft Edge.

Obviously the exit button on the main menu won't work so when finished close the new tab that open when you run the game.

Developed by Vasilis Chonianakis
Music by PC

"Knife" by Hea Poh Lin from thenounproject.com
"Ant" by Chanut is Industries from thenounproject.com
"heart rate" by Yo Szczepanska from thenounproject.com
"Running" by mungang kim from thenounproject.com
"Fist" by CombineDesign from thenounproject.com

PlatformsWindows, Android
Rated 2.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorVasilis Chonianakis
GenreSimulation, Survival
Tagsdice-game, lone-survivor, Survival Horror, Turn-based


Hunted_v1.0.zip 35 MB
Hunted_v1.0.apk 17 MB

Install instructions

Unzip the file and click "Hunted.exe" to run the game.


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Pretty fun stuff!