A turn based survival created for Weekly Game Jam 135
Theme : Shooting Stars

Collect the crystals and store them at your base in order to power the planetary shield to stop the alien invasion once and for all!
Also search and destroy aliens in order to prevent them from attacking your base.

Each time you move to a different region (black border), collect crystals or kill aliens 15min pass.
There is a chance that the collected crystals are damaged and useless. In this case you must try again to collect them. Just remember the clock (time left until next alien drop is shown top right, collected crystals are shown top left)!

Every 60min multiple aliens drop using meteorites into random locations.
If a region (black border) contains more than 3 aliens any new aliens move to your base and begin attacking it.
if more than 3 aliens are attacking your base you lose as the aliens overcome the base defenses and destroy it.
When you have collected all 4 crystals return to base to store them and use them to power the shield winning the game!


W,A,S,D or Arrow Keys - Move player
Space - Interact (collect crystals, kill aliens, store crystals at base)
Escape - Return to Main Menu from Ingame


Vasilis Chonianakis - Code, Design
SomeFarang- Graphics
Spyridon Glarakis - Music, Sounds

Game Soundtrack:


TheyAreComingForUs_1.0.1_win64.zip 14 MB
TheyAreComingForUs_1.0.1_linux.tar.gz 15 MB

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