A turn based strategy survival game created for Game Off 2020

You have been sent to the dark side of the moon in order to find what is causing the disturbances back on Earth.
Soon you find out that the moon is full of aliens.


Left Click - Move to an adjacent location (green border)
S - Shoot alien (when there is an alien at your location)
A - Attack alien structure (when one is at your location)
T - Take off (when you are at your spaceship location, after finishing your mission)
Space - Start game / close message popups
Escape - Return to Main Menu


Vasilis Chonianakis - Code, Design
Burnt Robot- Graphics

Additional Credits:

"Space suit icon" by Lorc from game-icons.net
"Alien bug icon" by Delapouite from game-icons.net
"Lunar module icon" by Delapouite from game-icons.net
"Space colony" By LUTFI GANI AL ACHMAD, ID from thenounproject.com
Music & Sounds by Eric Matyas


TroubleAtTheDarkSideOfTheMoon_1.2_win64.zip 17 MB

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