A turn based survival roguelike originally created for Weekly Game Jam 182
Theme : Cthulhu

The evidence you have gathered has led you to the woods just outside of a local village where you believe cultists are performing a series of rituals in order to summon the elder god Cthulhu! You must stop them and prevent the cult from summoning its master!


WASD or Arrow Keys - Move player
SPACE - Close message boxes
H - Show help popup
Hover over enemies to see stats


Vasilis Chonianakis - Code, Design
Fabián Fucci- Graphics
Spyridon Glarakis - Music, Sounds

Additional Credits:

"Heart organ icon" by Lorc from game-icons.net
"Brain icon" by Lorc from from game-icons.net
"Fist icon" by Skoll from from game-icons.net
"Achievement icon" by Skoll from game-icons.net

Game Soundtrack:


WhispersOfCthulhusReturn_2.2_win64.zip 19 MB
WhispersOfCthulhusReturn_2.2_linux.tar.gz 20 MB

Development log


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Deleted 2 years ago



Really nice game. 

Game Mechanics: I enjoyed the card system mechanics, and the random enemies.
Music fits perfects with the game. My only recommendation is that there should be a game over or win scene, and mentioned a restart scene. Overall a awesome game!


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Thanks for playing our game!
We wanted to try something unique for mechanics instead of another platformer type ;-). Glad you liked the end result!
We already have several ideas (cut from jam version due to time) for a post jam update.
A nicer game over/win scene is definitely a needed addition. Thanks!